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We provide solutions and integrate the automation systems

  • Provides Solution in partnership with the customer.

  • Project Management & execution with customer's fallibility mitigated.

  • Validation and full responsibility of solution effectiveness.

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SimpleC Products

Customized Machines/Systems

The Customized Machines/System that we have derivered to our customers. Just click to see at any machine to find the details.

Portable Universal AOI Machine

Connector Inspection Machine

Portable OCR Inspection Machine

OCR Machine with Jig Conversion

IoT Temperature & Hu Monitoring System

IoT Devices Tracking System

Factory Process Monitoring & Shop-Floor System

SimpleC Customized Parts

New issues needs new technics/technologies to solve them. So we have developed the customized parts to solve new issues for our customer.

PCB C4020.5T19-1

Ring Light C4020.5T19-1

USB to Serial CG1501232

Cheetah Development Process

To make your own machine. Please provide your requirements to us.